How to Control your friend’s camera remotely 2022 Tricks

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How to Control your friend’s camera remotely 2022 Tricks

How to Control your Friend’s camera remotely 2022 Tricks. Camy transforms your phones and tablets into a live-stream video observation framework. You can connect to another phone from any place, on the off chance that you have Internet get to. Camy makes it conceivable to screen your home or office without buying unique hardware.

Camy will assist you with observing your youngster, assist you with watching your feline or hound, or just show who is as of now at home. The movement locator will guarantee the security of your home from interlopers, in a flash telling about it.

How to Control your friend’s camera remotely

How to Control your friend's camera remotely 2020 Tricks
How to Control your friend’s camera remotely 2020 Tricks

Camy is an application that will make a camera from the phone for remote video reconnaissance streaming. You can set your phone as a camera or review gadget. Then again, you can enter the web address into your program and watch the live video stream on your PC.

Camy — Live Video Monitoring Baby&Pet Monitor CCTV


✓ Stream great video

✓ Ability to connect different cameras (phones) [Available in Premium version]

✓ Ability to all the while connecting with numerous watchers

✓ Video recording

✓ Ability to kill the phone screen to spare vitality

✓ Motion finder and a notice of this + the capacity to naturally record video to the cloud [Available in Premium version]

✓ Information about the stream, outline rate, bit rate, picture size

✓ Switch among front and back cameras

✓ Ability to answer the camera on the speakerphone “View and talk”

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✓ Ability to pivot the picture

✓ Remote electric lamp on

✓ Ability to take screen captures

✓ Ability to zoom in

✓ Night mode

✓ Android TV

✓ Web adaptation

All the while:

✓ Ability to connect IP camera/webcam

✓ Any thoughts on what else to include? Email to my @ alfred @

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Camy assembled utilizing Flutter?

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