Morse Code Apk Download For Android

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Morse Code Apk Download For Android

Morse Code Apk Download For Android. Translate text into Morse code and vice-versa.

Morse Code is a useful device for making an interpretation of text into Morse code and vice-versa. You can translate your message to morse codes and share it with your companion without any problem.

Morse Code Apk 

Morse Code Apk Download For Android
Apk Download For Android

– Learn Morse Code with various methods of getting the hang of, utilizing the letter recurrence, and separated redundancy to enable you to learn.

– Customize your information, pick between tapping to reproduce the genuine transmit machine, or use catches to include your code!

– Flash, vibrate or blare your Morse code

– Customize the speed and the recurrence of your sound generator

– Track your measurements for each letter

– Use various decision or short answer learning modes to help your learning experience

– Learn mode presents new letters individually, beginning with increasingly normal ones

– Words mode causes you to gain from 10,000 most basic words in English

– Recognize letters plays a sound, after which you have to figure the right letter.

– Use the code interpreter to translate morse code to text, or text to Morse code.

– If you need an indication, we have you secured.

– Earn 10 indications per day when you open the application, watch a video to win more


• Real-time interpretation

• Translate morse to text and vice-versa

• Uses the International Morse Code standard

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• You can utilize the electric lamp to transmit Morse code

• Sound and vibration input

• You can duplicate your results and glue anything as info

• Share results with different applications

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